Private Tutoring

I offer personal in-home private tutoring. Whether it is creative free play for pre-K kids combined with literacy work, academic assistance in math for a student dealing with algebra, or a family looking to have their child gain social-emotional and mindfulness tools, my goal is the child's success.

  • Mindfulness
  • Math
  • Literacy: reading and writing
  • Creative free play - inspired by my Jedi class, growing up in the woods, prairies, and wetlands of Wisconsin, and further influenced by the Finland model of education (where strong value is placed first in creative free play for ages up to seven years old.)
  • Sports: soccer, basketball, baseball, football
  • Social-Emotional guidance
  • Songwriting
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Nature excursions

I work with parents and kids to establish goals based on the areas requested above. 

My work is fundamentally holistic and based on connecting person to person with the child.  I teach with love but also incorporate boundaries.  The child's well-being and disposition is my highest goal.