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Jimmy Murn
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Hi! I'm Jimmy Murn. Welcome to Jimmy Murn Private Tutoring and Bright Knights Academy.
I offer private in-home tutoring and mindfulness-based classes to children in the west Los Angeles area, including Malibu. I specialize in social-emotional learning, centered on the whole person.
Focus is on assessing the big picture, balancing both academic and social skills. My approach is fundamentally holistic, compassionate and nurturing while maintaining clear boundaries. My work is rooted in mindfulness practice with a goal of confidence, courage, and the ability to navigate life. Most importantly, students learn how to think, rather than what to think.
In addition, I direct fun activity-oriented classes in creative free-play and sports skills.
    ∙ Free-play classes inspire imagination. Through our story-line kids develop discipline and the ability to problem-solve dynamically, ideally discovering their ‘best selves’.
    ∙ Sports are not only fun to play, but students learn respect, listening, inclusion, sportsmanship and teamwork. Competition is appropriate to the age group.

I also teach at a private west-side enrichment center, where I've guided students in math, literacy, mindfulness, sports, songwriting, poetry, nature trips, life-skills for boys, service to Earth and living creatures, Jedi classes, student government, and more.
More than seven years of working directly with all kinds of interesting kids, some with unique challenges - as nanny, mentor, tutor, camp counselor, and teacher - has informed my ability to reach and nurture children. The adventure continues.
(Madison, WI 2010-15; Santa Monica/Malibu CA 2015-present).
I look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out with your questions, and to arrange a meeting.



I have over 9 years childcare experience including nanny, mentor, and tutor work in Madison, WI 2010-2015, and nanny, tutor, camp counselor, and teacher work in Santa Monica and Malibu, CA 2015-present.

I have experience working with children with special needs including Autism, ADHD, OCD, ODD and Dyslexia. In the various capacities I have worked with toddlers to teens.


Client Reviews

Jimmy has a huge heart and an educator’s sense for how to help kids learn through their experiences — whether fun times or the challenging ones that naturally occur in every kid’s life. He is genuine, incredibly gentle, and always searching for everyone’s highest happiness. He was a great help for our boy in terms of learning to balance the wild, boy energy with a “gentlemanly” consideration and restraint (as old fashioned as those words might sound!). Also he is able to teach sports tips as well as some academics and life lessons, which can be a real plus. As a creative person, he relates well to art and musical interests in kids, too. As a meditator, he’s always sensitive to kids’ inner lives.
— Benson G.
Jimmy brings a gentle mindful presence with him. My 19-month-old son blossomed under Jimmy’s care. It was as though he opened new doors for him. As he himself said: he really was born with “the daddy gene.” Very responsive and a great example for a little boy. He’s willing and able to go the extra mile.
— Pamela L.